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An Application Portfolio Management Template for Success. As IT and the business become more intertwined to achieve revenue targets, enterprise architects have an opportunity to be key facilitators of digital transformation programs. These best practices provide a tested application portfolio management template to follow.

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Learn everything you need to know about application portfolio management (APM), including best practices, how to get started with APM and a complete guide on application portfolio management.

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Best Areas in which to study best practice: Demand management Application portfolio management Operating model for delivering IT who have worked with us to pioneer this approach, and we’re proud to deploy it to the broader market. We are very grateful to the clients 3 Best practices for mastering IT performancethe way we see it

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In this handbook, find best practices in the daunting world of application portfolio management. Get the basics on building a business case for APM—as well as tips on measuring the financial benefit of each application.

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· An excellent piece of research by Jim Duggan came out from Gartner today. It details how companies should approach Application Portfolio Management – and of course, why you should be interested in APM in the first place.

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Application Portfolio Management, the Basics - How much Software do I have Frank Vogelezang Application Rationalization and Portfolio Management solution

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The IT portfolio management best practices listed here will help you hit the ground running and keep your department’s work aligned with your company’s long-term goals. Go One Step at a Time . If your organization isn’t taking a formal approach to IT portfolio management today, don’t try to go from zero to one hundred overnight.

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· Analogies that build on financial-portfolio theory or on concepts about product and research-and-development pipeline portfolios (which are more akin to IT portfolio management than to financial portfolios) are not new.3 ITPM has evolved into a combination of practices and techniques used to measure and increase the return on individual and

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“Project portfolio management might be able to grow organically, but it doesn’t happen automatically.” – L. Steven Gunsior. This quote from the president of Level 5 Consulting sums up the issue that many small and midsized businesses (SMBs) struggle with as they look to institutionalize portfolio management practices.

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IT Application Portfolio Management (APM) is a practice that has emerged in mid to large-size information technology (IT) organizations since the mid s .Application Portfolio Management attempts to use the lessons of financial portfolio management to justify and measure the financial benefits of each application in comparison to the costs of the application's maintenance and operations.

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The application support manager and team, whether that includes a virtualization admin or a DevOps engineer, have to understand the app model, delivery structure and what the typical user expects, and deliver resources that take application support best practices into account. Hand off applications

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Application portfolio management (APM) is an IT management technique that applies cost benefit analysis and other business analytics to IT decision-making. Application portfolio management looks at each program and piece of equipment as an asset within a company’s overall portfolio, giving it a score based on factors like age, importance,

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· Application Portfolio Management can be best described as: A "living program" that allows you to assess the applications in your portfolio, evaluate potential changes, and understand the risks and impact of these changes to the portfolio.

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One of the project portfolio management best practices is to get control and definition of work categorization, said Tim Madewell, senior VP of professional services at San Francisco-based PPM tool vendor involves organizing information about projects and ongoing SOA infrastructure into categories -- including large, capital-intensive projects -- and budgeting support and

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You need complete visibility into your applications to manage costs, ensure alignment, and easily adapt to change. ServiceNow® Application Portfolio Management (APM) uses the CMDB, discovery processes, and cost modeling to deliver a complete picture of your application portfolio. APM lets you see how your apps relate to your business processes

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There are, however, best practices and key logical steps that can be gleaned from organizations such as Brigham Young University (BYU), DHL Americas and Eli Lilly, which have integrated portfolio

What is application portfolio management (APM

Application portfolio management (APM) is a framework for managing enterprise IT software applications and software-based services. APM provides managers with an inventory of the company's software applications and metrics to illustrate the business benefits of each application.

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Application portfolio management (APM) turns this straight-line IT planning into a closed loop that feeds metrics for application retirement back into the software acquisition process. In this Application Platform Strategies overview, Analyst Lyn Robison provides guidance on instituting APM.

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· Best Practices and Proven Techniques for Application Portfolio Management Speakers: Jason Williamson IT Modernization & Integration Expert …

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Understanding the Value of Application Portfolio Management Application Portfolio Management (APM) is the practice of grouping together applications with similar functions, assessing their financial value, and cataloging them in a way that allows analysis at multiple levels. This Research Byte provides a brief overview of APM and its value to organizations.

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applications can be consolidated, and which applications you should retire. Planning and Execution With a comprehensive understanding of the business application portfolio and an analysis on where to focus, the next step is to build a plan and a roadmap on where to go next and then execute on that plan. Application Portfolio Management

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A robust framework for application portfolio rationalization involves data collection, applica-tion profiling, application value analysis, identi-fication of opportunities and defining an imple-mentation roadmap. The framework is focused on understanding, analyzing and transforming the current application portfolio to arrive at the

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Additionally, the interdependencies between applications and the rest of the enterprise can be recorded. This blog series seeks to address the effective management of your Application Portfolio by using Enterprise Architecture and Innovation Management techniques. Innovation Management (IM) concerns itself with capturing information and ideas

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Application portfolio inventory template helps save time and money, as application portfolio management can take up to 70% to 90% IT funds of a company. Some of the things application portfolio can help in are, managing vendor relationship, analyzing the impact of a change to an application in your portfolio, identify overlaps and gaps in IT

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· Best Practices and Proven Techniques for Application Portfolio Management Application Portfolio Management (APfM) Overview What is it and Why Do You Need It - Duration: 11:20.

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Welcome and Introduction Study Overview, Significance, and Key Findings The Most Critical Best Practices Agenda Final Thoughts Benchmarking R&D Portfolio Management Best Practices. 20 Most critical best practices for portfolio management success 1. Objectives: Strategic alignment Strategic balance Maximize return 2. Make excellent portfolio

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Centralize application infrastructure configuration management. All configuration items should be stored in a centrally accessible database -- a configuration management database (CMDB)-- that users, reviewers and managers can access. This best practice includes more than simply collecting configuration items. It involves actively managing

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The process-based practice intended to align IT services with the needs of the company highlights customer benefits, with an emphasis on IT efficiency. For some companies, IT Service Management best practices bring about increased ROI, overall cost savings and improved IT processes.

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Samepage is award-winning project portfolio management software designed to keep your team, consultants, customers, partners, and vendors working together smoothly and efficiently. Combine files, tasks, calendars, maps, videos and team conversation together on one page. Edit a page simultaneously with anyone you choose. Chat in real time with

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management method is a must to constantly keep abreast of asset updates and changes. Automated ITAM considerably saves manual effort and time, and results in lesser errors and personnel overheads. Best Practices for Implementing IT Asset Management Asset Management with Server & Application Management System

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Application lifecycle management (ALM) is the supervision of a software application from its initial planning through retirement. It also refers to how changes to an application are documented and

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Learn all about project portfolio management, including benefits, best practices, and picking a software tool. Plus, find templates and advice from the pros.

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Build & Maintain your Application Catalog. Application Portfolio Management begins by standardizing all application inventory to ensure that the information needed to support transformation decisions – including workflow, descriptive data, portfolio associations, metrics and TCO – is readily available.

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Strategic IT Portfolio Management: Managing Enterprise Transformation [Jeffrey D. Kaplan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Strategic IT Portfolio Management delivers a solution to the IT dilemma that has evolved over the past 50 years; namely

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With a flexible structure that tunes service delivery to your priorities, Deloitte’s Application management services (AMS) can help you get more from your application portfolio investments. Our straightforward approach focuses on helping you improve business results with continuous measurement to enable smart, efficient decisions that drive

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Learn everything you need to know about application portfolio management (APM), including best practices, how to get started with APM and a complete guide on application portfolio management …

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basis are a best practice to keep stakeholders and your team engaged with how your application strategy aligns with your organization’s overall goals. 7. Need Some Advice? Contact Intellinet Today for a Free Application Portfolio Management Consultation During our free minute application portfolio management (APM) consultation, an Intellinet advisor will meet with you to discuss: • Your

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Packaged portfolio management tools also help organization manage the assets in the IT portfolio. As organization’s implement a portfolio management process, portfolio managers are encouraged to review this model to ensure the primary processes are supported with support processes and include both organizational context and IT architectures

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Ensure your applications are available and secure. Use Planview’s application portfolio management solution to expose when underlying technology will be out of date and quickly identify what applications are at risk as a result of a newly discovered technology vulnerability.

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Summary This overview provides a high-level description of the Application Rationalization Key Initiative. IT leaders can use this guide to understand how to develop an application strategy that rationalizes their legacy portfolio and prepares it for fast-emerging business requirements.

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Project management, as you know, is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities in order to meet project requirements and its importance cannot be over-emphasized. The operative word in Project Portfolio Management on the other hand, is portfolio.. PPM is not primarily concerned with running projects, rather its focus is on choosing which projects to be

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From the Experts: All About Project Management Offices and PMO Best Practices by Kate Eby on Jan 27, . Try Smartsheet for Free. Many companies have created project management offices (PMOs) in an effort to improve the execution of strategic initiatives as they face intense competitive pressures. There is widespread consensus that PMOs can help organizations deliver their projects on time

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Project management guide: Tips, strategies, best practices Project management plays a crucial role in enabling companies to transform business and execute strategy effectively. Here is a look at

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After copying the folder and .dll file, deploy the Unified Service Desk Best Practices Analyzer sample package using Package Deployer. After deploying the sample package using Package Deployer, perform the walkthrough to configure the Best Practices Analyzer in your agent application. More information: Walkthrough: Configure Best Practices Analyzer

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· It doesn’t have to be that way. By emulating the four strategic-planning best practices, you can boost the ratio of insight to effort and align the organization around a strategy that is faithfully executed, constantly questioned, and regularly refreshed.

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Built on more than two decades of research, development, and customer feedback behind it, Portfolio is a proven solution. Focused on helping you do more of what matters, Extensis continues to evolve its digital asset management tools that maximize the value — and impact — of your digital assets.

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IT portfolio management is the application of systematic management to the investments, projects and activities of enterprise Information Technology (IT) departments. Examples of IT portfolios would be planned initiatives, projects, and ongoing IT services (such as application support).

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